1. It is both shocking and disturbing, the recent trend of events and revelations made by the Group Managing Director NNPC, Mr Mele Kyari on the sharp, sudden and very dramatic rise of our national daily consumption volume of premium motor spirit (PMS) across the country.

2. Mele Kyari had declared that the daily average consumption of premium motor spirit in Nigeria had mysteriously, jumped from an already suspicious, troublesome, unsubstantiated and very dubious figure of sixty (60) million litres per day to a whooping one hundred and three million(103m) litres per day. Adding an enigmatic forty three million litres from nowhere. Nothing in this world, can explain this illogic.

3. It is further rivetting, for Nigerians to be treated to another show of shame by the Mallam Mele Kyari led NNPC, by convoking and drafting in the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Department of State Service (DSS), Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) and the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence (NSCDC) to cement and give credence to a grand scheme of calculated misinformation and fraud, via an anti petroleum products smuggling pact christened ‘Operation white’.

4. You would recall that the NNPC in the month of April 2021, reported zero remittance to the Federation Accounts Allocation Committee (FAAC) owing to unsustainable subsidy payment, even with the geometrical rise in global Oil price,which should have occasioned declaration of huge profits.

5. With Oil price at $75 dollars per barrel and still rising, the only drama, though lame is to cook up the excuse of cross border smuggling which doesn’t add up.

6. May we humbly at this juncture, crave the indulgence of all Nigerians for a little interrogation of the facts and figures.

7. You would recall that in the 2017 NNPC official report, the Corporation had declared an average daily PMS consumption volume of twenty eight million (28M litres) per day while, Mr Henry Obih (NNPC COO, downstream) in the presence of other COOs and top Oil and Gas sector leaders was declaring forty eight million litres for the year 2016 and fifty million litres (50M litres) for the year 2017, during the Nigerian Oil and Gas conference and exhibition held in Abuja.

8. It seemed very clear that the seeming controversy between the two positions in the above paragraph, was only an early let out of an in-house roadmap and action plan on figure/money manipulation. Nigerians would recall that true to his seeming inaccuracies, the Corporation quickly adjusted the daily consumption figures from twenty eight million litres(28M litres) to tally with Obih’s position of fifty million litres (50M litres) between December 2017 and March 2018. This was the addition of a massive thirty two million litres over night to establish an insane sixty million litres per day consumption volume of PMS in Nigeria. God save us.

9. The Mele Kyari NNPC has further wounded us by this heavy declaration, which in essence means that Nigeria now pays at least five billion naira(#5B) on daily basis for petroleum subsidy amounting to one hundred and fifty billion naira monthly. And we are not told if this amount excludes bridging cost.

10. In the year 2010, Nigeria commissioned project Aquila.
Project Aquila was a cutting edge global Industry technology, designed to track and monitor the loading, position and delivery of every litre of PMS trucked out of all depots in Nigeria. As at March 2011, Mrs Kasali the then head of the Petroleum Equalisation Fund had noted, the full deployment of well trained staff and the technology to all fifty depots around the country. As at that same month, all trucks and vessels involved in truck outs or load outs were already tagged, and electronic loading of products had officially commenced across the length and breadth of Nigeria.

11. In essence, this technology, would tell us how many litres was loaded by what truck.
It would tell us, the intended destination of the truck.
It will indicate if and when the truck arrives and delivers products at intended destination.
It also helped in processing bridging cost and payment.

12. In the year 2015, project Aquila was announced to have helped mop up $2B owing to the institution of transparent practices.

13. So, on what basis and when did Nigeria optionally and deliberately regress from a cutting edge satellite technological practice to analogue practice.

14. How and why should we employ and deploy the usage of Aquila in 2010/2011 and regress to analogue pact with Federal Ministry of Finance cum world Bank to solve the same problem?
As if that was not enough, the willful regression is assuming a stone age status by partnering with EFCC,DSS,NSCDC and NCS, in the recently commissioned ‘Operation white’ to police a border against smuggling that has never had enough number of men and technology to do so, all these years.

15. Should we not rather be interrogating this economically sabotaging and misleading national decision to nosedive?

16. It was the learned silk, Femi Falana(SAN) who first reawaken the non plausibility of the smuggling argument as the reason for increased daily consumption, years ago by noting, and correctly so, that the daily consumption of Benin Republic, Togo, Cameroon,Niger and Ghana put together still averages less than three hundred thousand litres per day. So what on earth forms basis for that misinformation?

17. It is also very important for us as Nigerian, to interrogate volumes of daily truck out of PMS from the depots as reeled by PPPRA according to NNPC and juxtapose that with available;
i. DPR certified cargo discharged certificates of imported petroleum products (obviously subsidized),

ii. Bill of Laden
iii. PPMC records.

18. It is the opinion of many Nigerians that, this whole drama is just a precursor and theatre decoration for greedily pocketing more profits from increasing global Oil price, instead of remitting it to FAAC, thereby justifying reasons for increment in pump price of PMS to the detriment of the poor Nigerian masses, soonest .

19. Many Nigerians also believe that, this is the grim silhouette of political gladiators against 2023 political season.
But as a group, the Niger Delta Activists Forum is yet to fully understand the situation untill full data is made available to us and analized.

20. The Niger Delta Activists Forum has taken advantage of the freedom of information law, to request official information from all relevant agencies, departments,directorates and organs of Government. In the coming days, we would be undertaking proper analysis and synchronization of all data when received and brief you further.

21. While we urge all Nigerians to get ready for resistance, should this drama, be conclusively affirmed as a package of untruths, we also want drivers of the sector to realize that Nigerians are watching and so, we should rather engineer a system of our aspirations, sustained by truth.

22. God save Nigeria.


Comrade Success Jack
(National President, NDAF)

Comrade Tamunotonye Saturday
( National Organising Secretary NDAF)

Comrade Manson Boma Kelly Dickson
(National Director, Administration NDAF)

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